International Microsurgery and Hand Surgery Training Center

This center, jointly sponsored by the Repair and Reconstructive Institute of Clinical Medicine of Shandong Province and the Clinical Hand Surgery Center of Jiangsu Province, offers fellowship to overseas microsurgeons, hand surgeons, plastic or orthopedic surgeons, or trainees of above-mentioned specialties with focused exposure to microsurgery and hand surgery during a period ranging from 1 to 6 months.

The center is directed by Dr Zeng Tao Wang, with the co-director of Dr Jin Bo Tang. Annularly, the center accepts upto 4 fellows. The duration of training is 2-3 weeks to 1-6 months. 

Interested personals should write to Dr Zeng Tao Wang at, or Dr Chen Chao at, with a letter of interest, a CV, and a letter of recommendation (preferably from the department chair). Please specify the intended length of stay and intended starting time.

Clinical Fellowship:

During the training period, the fellow will be arranged to a clinical team and join the team in daily surgical cases and on call. We have a large number of emergency and selective microsurgery cases in Shandong. The fellow is welcome to join or observe surgeries in other clinical teams for any cases that he or she is interested in, including observing or join in replantation and microsurgical tissue transfers in the evening. When a fellow aim to majorly focus on microsurgery, he or she can stay in Jinan, Shandong in the entire fellowship period. 

While the fellow is interested in a period of focused exposure to hand surgery, he or she will be arranged to stay in the Jiangsu Clinical Hand Surgery Center in Nantong for 1-3 weeks.

The center provides stipend to the fellows from economically-needed regions to supplement or cover the living cost. For fellows from developed countries or regions, the fellow can look for hotels online or rental apartment online or on site, which is paid by himself or herself. 

Jinan is ideally located, 90 minutes by high-speed bullet train, south from Beijing. The hometown of Confucius is only half a hour drive or train from Jinan. The Jinan city itself is a City of Spring (clear springs everywhere in the city). We encourage you to make day trip to Beijing during the weekends while you stay in Jinan. High-speed trains run every hour between two cities.

The direct high-speed train from Jinan to Nantong is 3 hours, multiple trains in a day.

Nantong is north of Shanghai, just across the Yangtze River, 1 hour drive or by high-speed train from Shanghai. Nantong has a special geological location. It is on the north bank of Yangtze River and by the Pacific Ocean in Yangtze River Delta region. A few days or a week visit will enable you to sample this elegant city in the Yangtze River Delta.

Arrival and transfer to Jinan from Beijing and transportation between Nantong and Shanghai:

Beijing to Jinan: 

We suggest you fly to Beijing capital airport. Through an easy transfer by taxi (approximately 200 RMB or $30), or efficient light rail plus subway, or bus to Beijing South Railway Station, you can take a high speed train to Jinan West Station in about 90 minutes. Take a taxi or call us for a pickup to your hotel. 

We suggest you leave China through Shanghai, and stop by Shanghai or its nearby cities for 2-3 days for a visit and sightseeing. Jinan to Shanghai is connected by high-speed trains as well, and takes 3.5 hours. 

Between Jinan and Nantong:

The direct high-speed train from Jinan to Nantong is 3 hours, multiple trains in a day.

Between Nantong and Shanghai: 

If you arrive at Shanghai, you can go to Nantong through frequent bus service (every 20-30 min, 100 km, 1.5 hour ride) or frequent high-speed train between Nantong and Shanghai from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station (1 hour). 

Months to start:

January, March, April, May, late August, September, October, November.   

June to mid-August is usually hot; we do not suggest starting in this hot period.

February has about 10 days of holidays in Chinese New Year period.

Duration of fellowship:

2-3 weeks or 1-6 months


  1. Clinical fellows should have completed his or her clinical training, ideally having had a few years of independent practice.
  2. Clinical residents should have at least 3 years of training as a resident, and hold strong interest in the subject of fellowship.
  3. A letter of interest, a CV, and a reference letter (preferably from the department chair).
  4. Send application before the beginning of the calendar year in which you want to start, so we can decide the number of fellows in the following year and the time at which you can start.

Contact information:

Please send letters through email to Dr Zeng Tao Wang, at or Dr Chen Chao at in Jinan.

The contact person in Nantong is Dr Shu Guo Xing at

The application should be sent at least 3 months before the intended starting period. Ideally, such application should arrive 6 months before the intended start.  

Additional site of international clinical fellowship:

Xi’an City: 

Department of Hand Surgery, Fengchen Hospital of Xi’an, Xi’an City, China also has clinical fellowship of hand surgery with heavy exposure of microsurgical techniques open to international fellows. Xi’an International Airport serves flights from major international cities and also connect all domestic airports. Please contact: Dr Qian Lin at

A brief history of hosting international fellows at these hand surgery centers:

Over the past 15 years, the three hand surgery centers hosted 40 international clinical fellows, including those from Italy, UK, United States, Israel and Africa. 

More than 300 regional hand surgery fellows were also trained in these centers. These centers also host international and regional visiting professors regularly. The training courses are regularly held in these centers and graduate study programs are available in two of these centers for those who wish to pursuit an advanced degree of surgery (hand surgery).